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About Us


Segars Engineering is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm based in Charlottesville, Virginia. We serve a variety of large-industrial companies within the region, providing solutions for industrial production, infrastructure design, and expansion projects on an ongoing and repeat basis.

Veteran Owned Small Business

We are engineers.

First and foremost, we are leaders in our chosen fields. We are accountable to the facts, the solution, our industrial codes, and our personal and professional integrity—not to cost, politics, opinions, or even our first idea. As experienced engineers, we know there are many ways to solve a problem and countless ways to get it wrong—our duty is to compromise without compromising what’s important. Our clients continue to hire us for our responsiveness, our attention to cost-control, and our dedication to a job done right.

We are industrial storytellers.

Every project manager on our team sees the big picture of every project and effectively communicates, coordinates, and orchestrates a clear scope of work. Our construction documents accurately convey the whole story in a way that all stakeholders understand.

We are problem-solvers and truth seekers.

Curiosity lives at the core of every engineer. For us at Segars Engineering, this means getting to the root of the problem by identifying it in person, taking our own measurements, and formulating solutions based on an open mind and confirmed facts. When we say we’re “there” for clients, we mean it—we’re often on-site, lacing up our steeled-toed boots and jumping right in to establish accurate assumptions, careful assessments, and clear expectations.

We are stewards.

We are responsible for and accountable to the environment as well as our client’s money and time. This goes beyond our LEED accreditation. We serve as a model of honesty and integrity, not just to our clients and to our industry, but also to our kids and the communities we actively serve.

We are experts in safety.

A safe work site is no accident. All of our employees receive bi-weekly training and carry their own personal protective equipment to every job site. This safety-first mindset carries through to the end result, which adheres to every code and every law (including those of physics and human nature).

We are veterans—of the military and of our industries.

As a veteran-owned company, we are proud to hire talented veterans who uphold the character and irreplaceable bearing born from discipline and service. We place a high value on industry experience, and we’re always looking for like-minded professionals to bring proven results and a new perspective to our ranks. If that’s you, click here.


Dave Segars


Founder and President
Structural/Architectural Engineer, PE, LEED BD+C

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Tyler Pendry


Structural Engineer, PE

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Kris Turpin


Mechanical Engineer, PE

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“I founded Segars Engineering because I saw an opportunity for mission-driven, results-based professionals to come together and provide a full-spectrum, integrated approach to industrial and institutional engineering challenges. We’ve become the engineering company that engineering managers trust—and there’s really no higher honor than that.”


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