Kris Turpin

Kristopher S. Turpin

Mechanical Engineer, PE

Kris Turpin provides Design and Project Management at Segars. After earning his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Virginia Military Institute, Kris started his career working construction during summer breaks and transitioned to engineering and design upon graduation. After 10 years of design experience, both Plan-Spec and Design-Build, he transitioned to operations and project management. With close to 20 years in the industry, his experience includes Commercial/Institutional HVAC, process piping, pharmaceutical, industrial plastics, and Government/DoD projects.

Kris has spent one half of his career designing mechanical systems and the other half managing their construction. He understands projects must work both on paper and in the field; systems must be constructible and maintainable. His drive is to bridge the gap between Engineering & Construction, bringing the collective know-how of each group together for Segars’ Clients.

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